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A Leading IOST Node

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Sutler Ventures is a leading IOST node and venture capital firm that invests in promising blockchain projects within the IOST ecosystem.

The SV team will utilize block rewards, internal resources and will bring top industry veterans to the IOST ecosystem for investment in promising projects and companies

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We believe in:

You, the user. By assisting in projects and initiatives that have a focus on the user, we believe we can directly affect the growth of the IOST user base.
Decentralization. There is power in numbers and IOST is primed to be a truly decentralized crypto-network. We follow the belief in utilizing the power of many versus being subject to the control of few.
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“IOST is connecting the entire cryptocurrency industry through a new protocol that combines decentralization, ease-of-use and security under the belief that a fair, equitable system can be established for all. We’re excited to bring our resources and network to such an innovative team and ecosystem.”

Mike Finch, Founding Partner