User focus.

Sutler Ventures is committed to all three of these fundamental ideals.

Experience, insight, and resources from the team behind ICO Alert

If you’re familiar with, then you know that we provided objective and trusted information to users about ICOs throughout 2017 and 2018. As the industry continues to grow and mature, we see value in many emerging Proof-of-Stake centered networks, including IOST, IDEX and others.

At Sutler Ventures, we aim to be a leading U.S.-based node for every ecosystem we participate in, bringing together prominent investors, developers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts for the growth of each project’s ecosystem and network. By utilizing our block rewards, internal resources and network, we aim to invest, promote and assist in the growth of PoS-focused projects and companies, resulting in truly fair, decentralized and user-focused communities.

The right tools wielded by the right people.

Michael Finch

Founding Partner

Zach Le

Founding Partner

Zach Quezada

dApp Lead

Dimitry Chesnokov

Venture Lead

Andrea Finch


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