Top North American IOST node is excited to announce a partnership with the largest alliance of U.S. university blockchain groups & venture capital funds

(Pittsburgh, March 13, 2019) – Sutler Ventures, an IOST node and venture capital firm within the IOST ecosystem, and the BlockVenture Coalition, the largest alliance of university groups and venture capital funds, have joined forces to help grow the IOST ecosystem. The BlockVenture Coalition (BVC) and Sutler Ventures will work together to bring resources, top projects, and infrastructure to IOST.

IOST is a competitor to existing protocols like Ethereum and EOS and has received funding from top partners such as Sequoia, Matrix Partners, and ZhenFund. IOST nodes are rewarded with block rewards, corresponding to the magnitude of their contributions to the ecosystem, and how many votes they receive from the IOST community.

“We were impressed with IOST’s potential as a mainstream blockchain project, especially since it already has a few notable applications with more daily active users than every other blockchain application,” Tyler Wellener, BVC co-founder, said. “We’re excited to work with Sutler Ventures on this opportunity to showcase the potential of IOST and its ecosystem to our partners and universities across the U.S.”

Sutler Ventures began officially producing blocks on the IOST blockchain in February. At press time, Sutler Ventures is in tenth place among almost 200 nodes and is the top node representing North America.

About Sutler Ventures
Sutler Ventures (SV) comes from the ICO Alert team, a consulting and advisory firm for blockchain startups. SV is a leading U.S. based node, bringing together prominent investors, developers and third parties for the growth of the IOST ecosystem. By utilizing block rewards and internal resources, Sutler Ventures aims to invest, promote and assist in the growth of IOST-focused projects and companies.

About The BlockVenture Coalition
The BlockVenture Coalition is the largest alliance of university blockchain groups and venture capital funds in the space. It was founded by Carnegie Mellon University graduates with a passion for blockchain. The two main goals of the BVC are to 1) Facilitate inter-university collaboration with top blockchain projects and 2) Provide resources to outstanding projects in the space. With almost 100 venture capital firms and university blockchain groups, the BVC is leveraging their backgrounds in traditional finance and consulting to move the industry forward.

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