On this episode of The IOST Podcast, Sutler Ventures sits down to discuss Q2 Contribution Reward timelines, an IOSTDEX, and Origo Network.

We also touch on the big news of the week – Facebook’s Libra. Is it just a publicity stunt? Is it a positive step for crypto projects involved with global payments? And is Facebook a company that’s trusted well enough to get involved in blockchain? Can Facebook be compared to Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones?! Believe it or not, these are all points we cover on this episode. These first few days since the announcement have seen big banks demanding a review of Libra, so we’ll definitely be discussing its impact on regulation in the coming weeks.

And, as always, don’t miss Dima’s latest technical analysis for IOST!

This week we’re posing two questions to our viewers: What can IOST do better from a communication standpoint with the community? And what type of dApps (other than “not gambling”) do you want to see on IOST?

Let us know in the comments!

Zach Quezada

Zach Quezada

dApp Lead, Sutler Ventures

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