Staking on IOST to Sutler Ventures with TokenPocket

  1. Download the TokenPocket App via the Apple or Google Play store. 
    Download the TokenPocket app
  2. Once you open the app, you should be prompted to either create an account or import your private key from an existing account.*note: Our friends over at InsideIOST offer FREE IOST Account Creation in 3 easy steps.*

    Screenshot of the TokenPocket app
    Screenshot of adding your account to the TokenPocket app
  3. Once your account is setup within the wallet, click on the “Vote” icon to head to the voting portal.Screenshot of the TokenPocket app
  4. In the voting portal, type in “sutler” and the Sutler Ventures node should appear, at which point you’ll click on “Vote.”
    Search for Sutler on the TokenPocket app
  5. Enter the amount you’d like to stake to Sutler Ventures. Notice, this is also the same portal you will use to “Unvote.” Please be aware that the “unvoting/unstaking” process takes seven days to process according to the IOST blockchain.
    Enter amount to stake to Sutler Ventures
  6. Congratulations, you are now staking to Sutler Ventures! You will earn rewards while helping to secure the IOST network. Your rewards will accumulate in the bonus tab in the bottom right of the voting portal.
    Staking to Sutler Ventures through TokenPocket


If you have any further questions regarding the IOST node election process,  or any other inquiries, please connect with us through Telegram or Twitter.


Zach Quezada

Zach Quezada

dApp Lead, Sutler Ventures

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