When I first discovered Ethereum, I knew both the concept and the project were going to be big. After moving all of my savings into the project, I was fortunate enough to see the project through the ensuing DAO-hack-recovery and onward to the execution of various dApps and ICOs. The next few years would prove to be some of the most thrilling. I launched ICO Alert while continuing to invest in Bitcoin, alternative protocols and various application level projects that focus on the power of decentralization and community. However, I doubt any project is as primed for success as IOST is today.

IOST brings with it world-renowned developers, ambitious goals and a devoted global community, all while remaining relatively under-the-radar. The network not only aims to be decentralized, but it also creates the technology and underlying consensus mechanism in a way to avoid cartels and “top-down” power structures that plague most POS / DPOS structured projects. IOST also realizes that the future of cryptocurrency is based on the talented developers and passionate community members who make this industry so vibrant. We couldn’t agree more with Jimmy, Ray and the whole IOST team and are excited to announce the creation of Sutler Ventures.

Sutler Ventures (SV) is a venture capital firm focused solely on the IOST ecosystem and community. Utilizing node block rewards and by bringing top investment funds to IOST, the SV team will help funnel resources to the IOST community. In an effort to further the concept of decentralization, user-focused applications and the overall growth of IOST and its community, the SV team will connect with universities and investment funds across North America in an effort to help the growth of the IOST ecosystem. Having worked with hundreds of token projects and other cryptocurrency-focused ventures, we believe we can help position IOST as the home for current and future blockchain developers.

You can expect to see partnerships between Sutler Ventures and premier organizations in an effort to bring the best and brightest to the IOST ecosystem. Utilizing our resources and network, the Sutler Ventures team will be an active participant in meetups, conferences, and other events in order to connect with the community and bring sustainable growth to the IOST ecosystem. As a fellow community member, you can be sure that your votes will be carefully managed and utilized for only the best investment opportunities for IOST, and we’re excited to release more details on SV, voter benefits and more very soon.

It’s an honor to join such a talented team and passionate community, and we feel like we’ve found a second home within the IOST community. Only with collaboration, strategic investment and hard work will we see this technology and community grow. We’re excited to bring all of this and more to the most promising cryptocurrency project in the industry.

Learn how to vote for Sutler Ventures as an IOST node candidate here.



The Sutler Ventures Team

Mike Finch

Mike Finch

Founding Partner, Sutler Ventures

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