This week's tier list of IOST dApps

Welcome to our first IOST dApp Tier List!

On a bi-weekly basis, I’ll release my latest rankings within the IOST dApp ecosystem. The list includes a ranking from A-F (A being best, F being worst), as well as risers and fallers from the past week. Users are encouraged to forward dApps they believe should be reviewed and ranked, as well as comment on the existing rankings.

*None of the following content should be construed as financial, investment, legal, or any other type of advice. Users should do their own research before interacting or investing in any type of blockchain/cryptocurrency project*

A Tier

Endless Dice
A flagship of IOST, Endless Dice was the first ever dApp to launch on the network (after porting over from EOS). The team includes Ray Xiao (IOST Co-founder and COO), and boasts the highest daily volume of any dApp on the network. Miners and stakers looking for profits are currently giving this dApp a big boost.

Providing one of the first wallets with private key creation, TokenPocket also boasts a great dApp explorer, resource manager, and voting tool. With support for multiple chains, including EOS and Ethereum, the Singapore-based team is making a name for itself in the blockchain space.

The team launched with not one, but three seamless mobile and desktop games with great English translation and support. IOSTPlay takes the third spot on our rankings list only because it trails in the volume of EndlessDice by about half, which will deter the miners chasing profits.

B Tier

Providing the first chrome extension on the network (via a developer bounty) has landed iWallet in the B-tier of our first ever rankings, however the lack of transparency around the product and team responsible for maintenance/updates will likely see it remain stagnant or drop off as more legitimate contenders arise. As a plus, iWallet now offers resource management as well.

C Tier

It’s a solid gambling dApp, but suffers from translation and several lazy text errors.  24H Volume (8,600~) and Users (10) are also not currently strong enough to attract any miners or stakers to the Mango Dice platform.

D Tier

I was truly excited for the release of IOSTJoy when it was first announced. Snake games are very interactive and an excellent use of blockchain within a gaming dApp. However, in my first attempt, latency issues caused me to lose my entire wager of IOST and I haven’t been back since (#LostJoy). I’ll try again this week and if the issues are fixed Joy will likely be a big riser on the next Tier List.

Cell Evolution
At the end of the day, Cell Evolution just isn’t very entertaining, and it’s managed to retain zero users from the initial hype of being one of the first dApps to launch on IOST. Pair that with Chinese text still appearing in critical areas of the platform and you have a recipe for a D-tier dApp.

F Tier

Just calling a spade a spade here,
this is a blatant Ponzi scheme.

No risers this week
Example: C → A

No fallers this week
Example: B → C

Zach Quezada

Zach Quezada

dApp Lead, Sutler Ventures

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