At Sutler Ventures, it is our goal to continue to support the IOST ecosystem in a variety of different ways. Specifically, Sutler Ventures is excited to work with the IOST Foundation to help achieve the following goals during Q4 2019: 

  • Content Creation: Weekly video content distributed via the Layer 1 and Sutler Ventures brands, especially through the Layer 1 Podcast which is completed multiple times each week with notable guests from all over the crypto/blockchain industry. We hope to continue to increase our viewership and impressions for this podcast and our social media in order to spread awareness of IOST.
  • IOST Global Alliance (IGA): After being a key driver for the IOST Global Alliance, Sutler Ventures will focus on the distribution of key events within the IOST ecosystem to primarily English-read media outlets. Coindesk, Cointelegraph, Bitcoinist, and others reach a wide audience within the crypto industry and can be a great way to grow awareness of IOST in North America and Europe. Because there are often large costs associated with media outlets, it is important that the IGA works alongside the IOST Foundation and receives the necessary financial support and time from the IOST Foundation in order to execute on this initiative. We believe that the timing of an exchange listing alongside positive IOST news could prove to be an interesting catalyst for the growth of IOST in North America and Europe. 
  • Ledger Integration: Sutler Ventures has been advised by the IOST team that an integration with the leading hardware wallet company, Ledger, is a significant need in Q4 and beyond for IOST. By pushing resources towards an integration with Ledger, IOST opens itself up to a potentially brand new audience that will only utilize or invest in a project’s token if it is available on their Ledger hardware wallet. Further, it is believed that many exchanges or other institutions who are looking at staking-as-a-service (SaaS) for their customers are requiring Ledger or other hardware wallet integrations to be executed before their SaaS is initiated. Currently, the IOST Foundation has proposed a 1,000,000 IOST token bounty to whomever can complete the integration for Ledger, and Sutler Ventures is attempting to locate a developer who fits within this budget. It is important to note that if IOST is going to be integrated on Ledger Live, the new front-end software for Ledger, that this process can take many months to complete. Sutler Ventures has already begun the process to help achieve integration with Ledger. 

While these three goals are our main focus, we are constantly open to and evaluating opportunities for IOST and the IOST ecosystem. We are actively looking for Dapps, developers, and other third parties who can contribute positively and profitably to the IOST ecosystem. Sutler Ventures and the IOST Foundation have said they are able to make investments into these ecosystem participants, but it should be understood that these potential participants should be at a stage in business development where profitability is a part of the present, not the future.

If you’re interested in collaborating with Sutler Ventures, please feel free to reach out to us on our website, or message us on Twitter or Telegram

Mike Finch

Mike Finch

Founding Partner, Sutler Ventures

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